Andragogy and PI CME

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For years CME professionals have been told that principles of adult learning should be followed in providing CME activities to physicians. We have been encouraged to use instructional strategies that will facilitate or support the physician as learner. Well, PI CME is nearly a perfect fit with what we have been urged to do.

The basic principles of Andragogy are:

  1. Adults need to be involved in the planning and evaluation of their instruction
  2. Experience (including mistakes) provides the basis for learning activities.
  3. Adults are most interested in learning subjects that have immediate relevance to their job or personal life.
  4. Adult learning is problem-centered rather than content-oriented.

In practical terms, andragogy means that instruction for adults needs to focus as much on the how to present information as the content being taught. Strategies such as case studies, role playing, simulations, and self-evaluation are most useful. Faculty is prompted to adopt a role of facilitator or resource rather than only lecturer or grader.

Enter PI CME.

To participate and claim credit for PI CME:

  1. Physicians are required to “be involved in the planning and evaluation of their instruction.”
  2. The physicians practice (experience) is the basis for PI CME initiatives.
  3. Physicians choose improvement initiatives that “have immediate relevance to their job”.
  4. PI PI CME activities are “problem-centered rather than content-oriented.”

Could there possibly be a better format for the continuing education of physicians? In PI CME learning is focused on how care is provided. PI CME has the potential to change the way medicine is practiced in specific settings. Patient care will improve in settings engaged PI CME. CME providers offering PI CME focus on strategies that facilitate learning in real care settings. They are resources not “lecturers”. Doesn’t get any better than this.

Want to heed the call of the CME “gurus” to do effective CME? Do PI CME. Bring to life the principles of Andragogy.


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