Are You Systematically Engaged in Performance Improvement in Your CME Operation?

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My brother has worked industry for over 30 years. Many of those years he has been directly engaged in improvement initiatives. Now, in his own business, he works with many types of enterprises, including healthcare, helping them identify and engage in ways to improve their operations. He also teaches these skills to students in a business college in the Midwest.

In training situations he is fond of asking those in attendance, “How many of you had a perfect day at work yesterday? A day in which everything went perfectly where there were absolutely no problems, no issues, zero hassles”. You know, not one person has ever raised their hand saying that was my day. Then he asks this, “How many of you went to work yesterday with the intention of doing a bad job?” Again, no one raises their hand. Then he asks, “How many of you are engaged in a conscious effort to improve or start improving something that went wrong at work yesterday?” Again there are no hands raised. What does this say about how we approach our work? Everyday we can count on something going wrong. We do not go to work everyday intentionally to do a bad job. Yet, everyday we do nothing systematically to improve our work world.

Our customers, those we serve in CME, are required to engage in improvement efforts to earn CME credit. They have to be engaged in efforts to improve their capability to practice (competence), their actual performance, or the health status of the patients they care for. As an ACCME accredited provider we have to measure those improvements.

Most CME providers I talk to are not engaged in a systematic, sustainable, repeatable effort to improve their own CME operation. What better place to learn how to develop improvement skills in our customers than to engage in improvement efforts in our own CME operation?

Here is an invitation. My brother (the one I mentioned earlier) is going to work with me on this. We are looking for five people interested in learning, and then participating in a four month pilot test of a systematic sustainable, repeatable approach to improving their CME operation. It is also an approach you can teach physicians to use in PI CME or any improvement initiative in their practice setting. We will learn this approach by participating in a series of four one hour discussions on Go To Meeting. No charge to you. After the orientation, we will use a page created Facebook to communicate our progress, ask questions, share experiences, and, ultimately share our outcomes. If you would like to participate in the pilot project contact me at

I firmly believe that if we adopt this approach to improvement we can transform a CME operation, we can provide physicians an effective approach to improvement efforts in their practice, and we can generate data demonstrating that our CME program is a strategic asset in our organization.


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