CME in the News and on the Blogs – Time to Push Back

January 8, 2010 at 7:53 pm Leave a comment

For the past several months I have been posting brief summaries of items about CME appearing in the media and on a number of Blogs. The overwhelming majority of what is being reported on or Blogged about related to CME is in some way focused on industry involvement in CME and the reactions and actions taken by government and some organizations in response to this issue. You would think this is the only issue of concern in our entire enterprise.

I recently received a comment from a colleague asking why I keep posting these things suggesting that I am just fanning the fires on this issue. Perhaps my colleague is correct. So — no more.

We know this is an important issue. We know that the vast majority of CME providers operate within the established rules and regulations providing guidance about roles and relationships between industry and CME. We address and resolve conflicts of interest and disclose the appropriate information to our learners.

What we don’t seem to do is effectively counter the myth and misinformation that surrounds this issue. So here is what I am not going to do – continue to post the links to these media stories and Blogs that spread more misinformation than fact related to this issue.

But here is what I am going to do – keep monitoring the media and Blogs for mentions of CME. When I find something that reports important or interestnig information that might be of interest to all of us, I’ll let you know. But when I find one that  think is off track on the issues surrounding industry involvement in CME I am going to respond to the author.  And with that response, when appropriate, I am going to include one of the position statements in the “Get the Facts Campaign”.

We need to keep this important issue focused on facts and not fiction, on data and not opinion, on what is appropriate for the health care community and not on misinformation reported in the media or the bias of a few misinformed Bloggers. Get involved. Not doing so may be hazardous to the health of our independent enterprise.


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CME in the News and on the Blogs January 2, 2010 CME in the News and on the Blogs- January 8, 2010

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