The Disappearing Pharmaceutical Sales Role

January 10, 2010 at 7:38 pm Leave a comment

Here is an interesting article suggesting a changing  role for the pharmaceutical sales rep. Worth a quick read.

The Disappearing Pharmaceutical Sales Role

Pharma Reform, January 9th, 2010

“Editorials and commentary on Pharma web and blog sites continue to highlight the massive layoffs of pharmaceutical sales reps. These are frequently accompanied by commentary with justifications and desperate rationalizations for maintaining the role of the traditional pharmaceutical sales representative. Most frequently, the commentaries blame regulatory constraints and promotion guidelines for the diminishing value reps can now provide.  Many forget that the industry has brought this upon themselves by repeatedly compromising market trust with blatant advertising and promotion abuses.

Here is the reality. Physicians no longer value sales people or the information they try to convey.  Patients and office staff see sales reps waiting in the office delaying appointments and taking up physician time. Managed markets find sales people a nuisance and counterproductive to their formulary management and cost control initiatives. Legislators and regulators see the reps as uncontrollable extensions of the “not to be trusted” corporate, Big Pharma and feel compelled to restrict sales activities.  Yes, the reality is that sales reps and the information they convey are no longer respected, valued, or trusted. The traditional pharmaceutical sales role has become ineffective, and is quickly becoming obsolete…………”

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