CME in the News and on the Blogs January 12, 201o

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Here is one you need to read. Some very good observations from a physicians perspective.

Thoughts on CME

DB’s Medical Rants, Posted by rcentor, 01/12/2009

“………………I believe the goal of CME should be to stimulate how we think about disease and patient care. We should strive to find the best speakers and have them speak on the most important topics. CME talks can have great value. We must find those examples and hold all CME to that higher standard.”

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A comment on the Stanford/Pfizer CME Grant Arrangement

The buzz surrounding the $3 million grant from Pfizer to Stanford for CME activities suggests this is an innovation. Quite the contrary. This is just a return to a model used a number of years ago where organizations seeking funding for CME activities insisted that the support be “unrestricted” – meaning: “Give us the money and we will spend it the way we think is best for our learners.” Some of us remember these as the “good ole days” of pharma funding for our CME programs. For many years this worked fine. But the demise of that model came from several quarters. One which was the misuse of those funds by the grant recipients. Yes, one reason (not the only reason) this model was abandoned was because some unscrupulous CME providers made inappropriate use of some of the funds entrusted to them by the pharmaceutical industry. Will it be different at Stanford? I certainly think so. But if this once again became the prevailing model used by pharma to fund CME – in time, it is likely to fall into the same trap that contributed to the changes that led us to the situation we have now. The Stanford/Pfizer model is not new. It is not an innovation. It has it’s potentials for success and failure. If it is followed by others in pharma I certainly hope there is some accountability built into the agreements by both parties.

What do you think?


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CME in the News and On the Blogs January 11, 2010 CME Question: “CMEs”? – What are “CMEs”?

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