Conjoint Committe on CME sets 2010 Goals

January 23, 2010 at 12:59 am Leave a comment

The Conjoint Committee on CME Strategic has established three strategic goals for the year 2010. If you haven’t seen these you will want to go to the current issue of the AMA publication CPPD Report (Winter 2010/Number 30). Here is an excerpt.

……………… “In an era in which physician practices are increasingly measured against evidenced-based, nationally accepted benchmarks of performance, CCCME faced the question of who is responsible for improving the performance of the U.S. health system? Physicians spend a limited amount of time in the undifferentiated environment of medical school, and a similarly short block of time learning their specialty in residency. The bulk of a physician’s career is spent in decades of practice, during which physicians participate in ongoing continuing education.

Therefore, CME has emerged as the target system in which to intervene to improve U.S. health system performance.

In order to achieve the CCCME goal “to use the CME system to improve the performance of the U.S. health system, as measured by international benchmarks,” the CCCME’s vision of an optimal system of CME is one that is practice-oriented, evidence-based, system-minded and integrated into lifelong physician education. Three strategies were selected to achieve this goal:

  • Strategy 1: Moving toward the integration of performance improvement into CME
  • Strategy 2: Moving toward a curriculum for CME that aligns across the continuum of medical education
  • Strategy 3: Leading a national conversation about financing CME that supports the CCCME vision “

Link to the Publication here


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