CME in the News and on the Blogs January 30, 2010

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The Future of CME
Debra Gordon’s Musings on Medicine and Health Care
Friday, January 29, 2010

“…. to those who have told me over the years that CME is dying and “going away,” I have to, in the politest way possible, tell them they are full of hooey.”

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COMMENT: I attended this same meeting, I couldn’t agree more with Debra. CME is in for some major change in the very, very near future. It will be change that requires new skill sets of the CME provider. Many of us in the enterprise right now must develop significant these skill sets to be relevant to the effort. Failing to do so will make us irrelevant but others will step up to the challenge. They have in the past. They will now.

The need for physician lifelong learning is not going away. The need for resources and systems to support their learning will not go away. CME as we have known it up until just a few years ago will go away. What replaces the system that served the profession for so many years remains to be seen.

CME has been in these “opportunity moments” before and failed miserably to respond effectively. I wonder how will respond with to the vast opportunity we have now?

“Complex Adaptive Systems”. “Workplace Learning”. “Performance Improvement”.” Health Informatics”. Etc. Quite a different lexicon than CME has had to deal with before. Quite a different set of skills required of us to be effective.

Thanks for the musings Debra.


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