CME in the News and on the Blogs June 9, 2010

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Another thanks to Tom Sullivan at Policy and Medicine for keeping us all informed about issues related to public policy, pharma relationships with physicians, and other topics that impinge on the CME world.

Here is a recent post:

Vermont Disclosure Law: Samples Added to Reporting Requirements and Re-Instates Allowing Coffee for Conference Participants

Policy and Medicine June 9, 2010

One of the changes reported in the law was:

“Payment by a manufacturer to the sponsor of a significant conference or seminar used at the sponsor’s discretion to provide meals and other food for all conference participants”

What a concession. Now the docs won’t have to go hungry at these “significant conferences or seminars”. What a relief. I know how distracting it is to hear stomachs growing at these meetings. How can you even concentrate? You can’t learn anything with all of that noise.

The Vermont legislature has come to the rescue of these famished learners. Ah, but what next? How to define “a significant conference or seminar”? I see an amendment on the horizon. Or perhaps government approved menu selections to assure that the food costs are not extravagant. Or perhaps portion sizes to fit the recommended daily amounts of certain food groups? Oh my will it ever end?

What if this is just the beginning. Could we see a return of donuts in the doctor’s lounge? What about pizza at the doctor’s office? Oh dear, have we reopened a “can of worms”? Perhaps deep fried and chocolate coated ones?

I fear to even go to the issue of the influence this will have on physician prescribing behaviors in the State of Vermont. OK. So I won’t.


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