PDCA Cycle Works to Improve Neonatal Care

July 7, 2010 at 8:00 pm Leave a comment

PDCA Cycle Works to Improve Neonatal Care

Qual Saf Health Care doi:10.1136/qshc.2009.034967

Just as I wrapped up the previous blog showing the use of quality improvement used in industry this appears – a report in the BMJ showing how the use of the PDCA Cycle reduced variation in surfactant administration fir premature babies. Once again success. “After the authors changed the surfactant administration process, 20/21 (95%) of eligible infants received surfactant in the delivery room. The authors decreased the time after delivery of initial surfactant dose from a mean of 26 min to 10.2 min (p=0.0004). The variation in timing of the initial surfactant dose also decreased”.

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Folks. This quality stuff works. We can participate in these efforts if we get ourselves up to speed in a systematic, sustainable, repeatable approach to improvement. No pun intended but if we don’t use it we are going to lose it.


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