As pharma funding for CME goes down attendance at non-accredited industry offerings goes up

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July 19th , 2010 – Posted in news health.

Here’s one for you. Could this be an unintended consequence of pharma bashing?

“Docs will go for supported educational offerings no mater what, but not as many will be vetted for CME thanks to the efforts of the pharmascolds. Many of these are the increasingly popular branded med-ed offerings, often piggybacked on large accredited meetings.

The importance of accredited CME is inflated in public perception. State licensing requirements for CME can be met with little effort or learning, Doctor’s attendance at meetings and reading choices are driven by their professional educational needs, not by CME requirements.”

See it here

I think this is absolutely right on. Physicians seeking learning resources to meet professional learning needs don’t really care if CME credit is offered or not. They frequently require information to help them frame a response to a pressing patient care need in their practice. They seek out the information without worrying about the trappings of approved CME resources. Most physicians are quite capable of sorting out the marketing ‘biases’ presented by pharma from the scientific evidence supporting the recommendations made by pharma. It may take a little more effort on their part to do this, but as professionals entrusted with an obligation to provide quality care to their customers they will get it done.

Pharma has an obligation to tell physicians about their products and support their recommendations with scientific evidence. Pharma is a government regulated industry. There are things they can and cannot do related to product promotion. Physicians have the professional responsibility of determining the merit of the evidence presented by pharma or any other source. Physicians are self regulated in this regard.

Med-Ed companies should relish this. What they lose on market share having provided CME activities for CME credit will be more than compensated by providing quality branded educational activities funded handsomely by pharma. The transition time from depending on funding for offering activities approved for CME credit to offering branded educational activities may be tough for some of these companies but the good ones will survive and continue to provide quality educational resources to the physician community.

By the way I love the word “pharmascolds”.


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