CME in the News and on the Blogs, November 2, 2010

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I know, I have been pretty lax for the past six months on keeping up with this Blog. I have heard from some of you that you appreciate the effort so I’ll try to do better.

Here us an interesting article that appeared in Minnesota Medicine. It is worth a read by everybody in CME. I actually think the question could be phrased in another way to read “Is the CME System Relevant?” My answer is not very. And further if we don’t get ourselves in gear regarding measuring improvement in knowledge, competence, performance or patient outcomes the medical field will find others outside of CME to do the job. Our choice.

Is the CME System Obsolete?
Barbara Brandt, Ph.D., and Janet Shanedling, Ph.D.


Changes in medical practice and a greater emphasis on lifelong learning are prompting a closer look at the efficacy of continuing medical education (CME). This article outlines the shortcomings of the current CME system, describes findings from two recent reports about its status, and presents recommendations for a new system to make continuing education more relevant to medical practice.

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Here is an important report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation published by the National Quality Forum. A must read for everybody n CME.

The ABCs of Measurement

“How do we know? We measure. How do patients know if their health care is good care? How do providers pinpoint the steps that need to be improved to benefit patients? And how do insurers and employers determine whether they are paying for the best care that science, skill, and compassion can provide? Performance measures give us a way to assess health care against recognized standards.

While measures come from many sources, those endorsed by National Quality Forum have become a common point of reference. An NQF endorsement reflects rigorous scientific and evidence-based review, input from patients and their families, and the perspectives of people throughout the healthcare industry.

The ABCs of Measurement explains how the science of measuring health care performance is making enormous progress, and continues to evolve. Measures represent a critical component in the national endeavor to assure that all patients receive appropriate and high quality care.”

Read the Primer:


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