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I don’t know if any if you look at comments posted this Blog. Actually there aren’t many. But here is one I want to Share. It is from Brian McGowan who is with Pfizer.

Brian says:
“I had the pleasure of attending the IHI forum in December and the Alliance meeting in January and, though they are getting closer in terms of vocabulary, the lean concepts were at the core of the IHI and their process/performance improvement programs, whereas there may have been no more than 2 or 3 abstracts.

Yes, CME professionals can benefit from these concepts, but we need to embrace the expertise and progress made in other silos – first step is to get every CME professional to sign up for the IHI email list…and see what that organization has to offer.”

The Alliance did have 2 or 3 abstracts related to “lean’ principles but there were also a number of other sessions focused on quality improvement initiatives. To me this is an encouraging sign. I’d love to see the CME profession adopt a more common nomenclature and a common approach quality and quality improvement. Whether it is Lean, A3 Problem Solving, FOCUS, Six Sigma, or whatever. I think this would strengthen our effort to work with our quality colleagues. It would clearly have a positive impact on our efforts as CME providers to offer educational resources to healthcare professionals with the desired result of improved competence or performance of our customers and improved patient outcomes of those they care for.

Take Brian’s advice and get yourself on the IHI mailing list.

Thanks Brian.

Integrating Education and Quality Improvement – The New Normal


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“Lean” Finds it Way Into CME Offices Communities of Practice – A Framework for Learning and Improvement

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